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Naked Chronicles is a podcast hosted by Trey & Chi Johnson, a young couple from Mobile Alabama.


The overall goal of this podcast is to show viewers the truth about real relationships.



of something such as feelings or behavior

undisguised; blatant; transparent; straightforward; unconcealed


a factual written account of important or historical events in the order of their occurrence

record (a related series of events) in a factual and detailed way

About Us

Naked Chronicles Podcast is a journey through the real life of the hosts, Trey & Chiara Johnson. Through this platform, they will be sharing uncut and unfiltered accounts of their friendship turned relationship, turned marriage and providing advice and insight on how proper communication has yielded astounding results for them. As a young couple, they feel it is important to share their story so that individuals will draw from what they are learning and have learned. Naked Chronicles Podcast is committed to Real Talk. That's real talk about love, relationships and communication.

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