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Where is Your Mind?

Updated: Jan 12

M: "2024… Is that you?"
2024: "Why yes, it is me!"
M: "Nice to meet you! My name is MINDSET! This year, we will get really acquainted". 

We have only been in the new year for a couple days and it has already provided a space to showcase where we really are at this time in our lives. Historically at the end of one year and the start of another, there is a time of reflection where most of us acknowledge the shortcomings, or growth areas as I call them, that we already knew were there.

For some of us, as the clock struck 12, we felt this immense gladness and motivation that, "this year will be our year" and "we are so glad that 2023 is over now". I submit to you that 2023 may still be in our neighborhood. If we are not careful, we can continue implementing some of those bad habits and normalities from previous years that have consistently ceased our progression toward personal growth. This is where we must assess the state of our mindset.


What is mindset? I'm glad you asked!

Mindset can be defined as:

  • a mental inclination and attitude

  • a fixed state of mind

  • a person's way of thinking and their opinions

  • habits of mind shaped by past experiences

  • belief that orients the way we handle situations

  • habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations

Your mindset sets the stage for the way in which you execute and maneuver throughout your life. It dictates the thoughts that you have, how you go after the things that you have been equipped to do, and how you interact with those around you. If life has dealt you some cards that were not so favorable and out of your control, you may not have the best of mindset or outlook throughout your journey. You may say things like, "life is pointless", "I will never succeed or prosper", or "I am a failure".

We all know someone with these confessions or have said these things to ourselves when external circumstances or situations didn't look like what we planned or expected. Our mindset is reinforced by the self-talk that takes place in each of our minds on a daily basis. The thoughts that we have and the things that we tell ourselves condition our minds to function or formulate automatic responses whether good or bad.

Some of us need a HARD RESET!

Let's Clean Up The Mind!

In order to actually see the things that we have placed on the vision board and the goals that we have set for this new year, we must assess and clean up our mindset. Let's ask ourselves some questions:

  • Do I struggle with negative self-talk and low self-esteem?

  • Have I allowed my past experiences to dictate what I can have in my present and future?

  • Do my thoughts and opinions hinder me from going to the next level that I desire?

  • Do I tend to start things that I don't finish because of self-doubt?

  • Do I have a plan for my life or am I just going with the flow?

  • Is my approach to life based on my feelings or truth?

  • Do I tend to view situations from a limited-negative perspective?

  • Am I open to new possibilities or a different way of execution to achieve my needed goals?

  • Are there any perspectives, opinions, thoughts, influences, or past situations that I need to relinquish so I can thrive?

I charge you to go through these questions and see if any of these things are contributing to your lack of follow through or exponential growth that is needed in your life.

You Got This!

Let's commit to some self-reflection over the next week and be completely honest with ourselves with where we truly are in our mindsets. The current and future you deserves your best and I believe that we can make those necessary adjustments to see the results that are necessary. As we take this journey together, we will continue to peel back the layers of mindset so we can have the best that life has to offer to us.

Meet us in the comments and let us know what you think about this week's blog! Also, be sure to connect with us on social media @thechiarajbrand and subscribe to our website at the bottom right corner to stay up to date when we post new content.

Let the conversations begin.


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