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Valentine’s Day is Over, Now What?

Valentine’s Day is a few hours old and many were showered with chocolates, flowers, fancy restaurants or personal chefs, and even fine jewelry.

Some of you may have decided to stay in to enjoy snuggle time with your spouse or boo while watching, “The Notebook”.

Or maybe you are single, and you hosted a brunch with your girlfriends. Or maybe you and your guy friends went to a sports bar for wings and a game.

What if you are none of these people and you found yourself feeling alone and yearning for attention on the one day that is supposed to be filled with butterflies and affection.

No matter where you fall, one thing remains the same. Love should first come from within!


Love of self is the continuous learning process that obsessively reflects on personal value and esteem. Before looking for love from others, I challenge you to look inside and ask your yourself these questions:

  • Have I come into the knowledge of who I am and what I possess?

  • Have I embraced my unique abilities, thoughts, and talents?

  • Have I uprooted any un-forgiveness that has left residue upon my heart and mind

  • Have I eradicated the lies I told myself based on other people’s perceptions, opinions, or actions toward me?

If you have answered no to any of these questions, I have a new idea that I would like you to consider.... No, thanks!

No, thanks to everything that has caused you to doubt your worth, value, or self-esteem.

No thanks to the negativity that was spoken over you.

No, thanks to the negative thought patterns that say you are not capable of doing great things or being loved.

No, thanks to the idea that you need another person to fill a void in your life.

No, thanks to anything that goes against who you truly are and what you were created to be.

Say yes, to you because you are worth it! Fill up your own love tank so you may pour into others more effectively. It’s possible if you do the work, so take the first toward your journey of self-love.

Will you give yourself a yes?

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